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 Payment /Donation Method does the NSTHA use?


WHAT are THE consequences of not following

the NSTHA Protocol?


what's the

PROTOCOL for emailing  THE nstha Support Team?


how do I contact

the NSTHA support team? 

Currently, payments can only be made through PayPal, direct deposit, or in cash. Paypal Email:

Please do not reserve a session time/date if you are unable to pay within 24 hours after booking. 

Please make your payment within 24 hours after your session appointment date and time have been confirmed by the NSTHA Support Team, or your session will be subject to cancellation. (as noted on the sessions page of the website: )


*Please pay within 24 hours after your reservation has been made or it will be subject to cancellation. The fee can be credited towards your next session if you cancel 3 days or more before your session date and wish to do so. If you wish to cancel without rescheduling there will be no refundIn order to reschedule your session the NSTHA Support Team must be notified 3 days or more prior to the session date. The payment will be considered a cancellation fee for those who fail to follow this protocol. We do not give refunds.


No Show or Cancellation The Day Of The Session Fee - Client forfeits the whole payment for their session 

Client cancelation or request to reschedule a session must be submitted to the NSTHA Support Team at least 3 days prior to the session date.

Client cancelations of their session 2 or 1 day prior to their session the fee for rescheduling is 75$.

*(3) Back-toback cancellations or repeated rescheduling will result in the client being removed from the NSTHA client list.

The NSTHA Support Team is the

only communication avenue for the public.

Please remember when scheduling to provide these two pieces of information:

 1. What is your current location or your prospective location of when you would like to request a consultation or session? (Schedules are coordinated to fit international time zones)

 2. What days and times would you be available during the week?
!provide the NSTHA support team with at least 3 dates that you are available - openings in the Chief's schedule fill up quickly!
ex) late afternoons or mornings and on what days of the week

Or Contact the NSTHA Support Team via email:

(Scroll Down To Send Us An Email)

To better understand Chief's work read the book or watch the NSTHA Ask The Chief Forums. 

Due to the growing number of clients the Chief has found it necessary to change the NSTHA Protocol 

-Anyone not following protocol risks being permanently removed and blocked from the NSTHA client list

- Any disrespectful behavior towards the Chief and the NSTHA Team will result in being permanently removed and blocked from the NSTHA client list

- Chief reserves the right to refuse sessions and permanently remove and block anyone from his client list 

Neo Shamanic Founder Chief is not available for personal chats due to his busy schedule. Please contact the NSTHA Support Team for information.

*During sessions or in reference in emails please refer to the Neo Shamanic Founder as Chief, High Priestess/wife as Mrs. A, and the Oracle as Oracle Ms. L

Chat Protocol

Due to the growing volume of clients submitting questions our chat protocol now includes:

- In the event of a client chatting with the NSTHA Support Team via text and the conversation is considered excessively long or beyond the role of the NSTHA Support team this will be regarded as a request to schedule a consultation and the chat will be ended. The client will be notified that they are requesting to schedule a consultation. (50$/1625B per 30 minutes) 

- All personal questions submitted can be addressed during the client's following session or a consultation can be booked. If eligible you may also join one of the NSTHA's forums to ask a question.  

Reply ASAP

- If you are requesting a session or consultation and receive a reserved date and time please accept or decline within 24 hours from the time you received the reserved date and time or it will be canceled. We are implementing this protocol in order to be considerate to others who are wanting to make their reservations.

* Please be mindful that the NSTHA Support Team schedule appointments for clients globally so response times may vary. 


The NSTHA Team members will not listen to any audio messages or answer any phone calls. Please use text only when communicating with any member of the NSTHA Support Team. Please refrain from sending personal photos and personal videos unless sending a receipt of payment or requested to do otherwise.  

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