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My Neo shamanic journey:the book

A Groundbreaking book on the subject of Neo Shamanism that goes against the conventional concepts of healing and mysticism. A story that has been 40 plus years in the making.
written by nEO sHAMANIC fOUNDER Chief (Chief High Priest Mr. h)


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"The Founder of Neo Shamanism Chief's book: My Neo Shamanic Journey is an absolute game-changer #TRUE LOGIC my only book for my continuous healing journey. #neoshamanicfounderchief"

- Saiyr, NSTHA Friend: Singer/Rapper/ Pop Star (Los Angeles, CA) 

"Chief has helped redesign, reprogram, and realign my entire perspective and understanding of this life. It has given me freedom on so many levels and continuously keeps me motivated on my journey."

- Anel (Nelly) Morel, NSTHA Friend: Tattoo Artist (Los Angeles, CA)

I’m sure I’m not going to be the last client to tell you this but you’re like an amalgamation of everything. You’re like the doctor, the psychotherapist, the physical healer, a psychic, common sense, and therapist all in one.

- Ms. C, NSTHA Client

"You are the professional about what's going on in the world." - Rainer Hahn

NSTHA Client, Financial Journalist, and author of the book: The Global Prison, Monopolization Through The Financial Mafia 

"There are no words to express the gratitude and respect I have for Chief for what he has taught me and helped me through. If I had to rate the information that he has conveyed to me I would define it as infinitely priceless."

- Kaye Wilkerson, Empath and Healing Practitioner (Texas, USA)

"Chief is not a traditional earthbound shaman. The range of his awareness and abilities go far beyond shamanism... he is a Universal Neo Shaman. After Chief fixed the chronic pain I suffered with for thirty years via an online video session my gratitude has no limits. He is truly the real deal."

- Brenda Clark, Healing Practitioner and Animal Whisperer (Pahrump, NV USA)


The Neo Shamanic Journey is a division of Neo Shamanic Temple of Higher Awareness. The NSTHA is an official religious organization 501(c)3 and recognized by the US government/IRS. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. All donations go towards content creation and further expansion/ evolution of the temple's objectives. 

For Donation Purposes the official name of the temple is: Neo Shamanic Temple of Higher Awareness

Founder: Chief High Priest Harry G Bates Jr.

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