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Hello NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief: Thank you Chief for letting me schedule sessions with you every week for several years now. I appreciate all the energy and information that you’ve shared that has given me freedom from eczema, predatory men, nightmares, self-hate, numbness on the entire left side of my body and the list goes on. It has taken time to change but thanks for being patient with me through the process. It’s been a joy and honor to listen to your great wisdom. I’m looking forward to more sessions and understanding more about my higher self and reconnecting to the universal Supreme Consciousness body.

Mrs A. - Energy Worker

(Post Skype session testimonial)

 Wow! What can I say about your work, amazing. Thank you so much. My friend just said, "Barrie, you look like you have just been on holiday." I told her, "No. I've actually just had a session with you." I feel younger and more alive than I have for years. Chief is a rare find in this world. I deeply thank you for what you do. 

Barrie M. - Energy worker 

I was dealing with AIDS for a decade before I met Chief for my first session on December 3, 2018. By the time I came to him, I was a nearly a skeleton and I could barely walk.  I had to crouch over when I walked. I could hardly eat anything. I assumed I had not much time left. I had a session nearly every week until the last session I had on February 19. I trusted Chief completely. As sessions went buy I was able to stand up straight, walk quickly, and my appetite returned. I stopped taking AIDS medicine and I'm now doing business trips and vacationing wherever I want to. 

Mr D. - Hotel Owner Tourism Industry

Hello Support team. Please share this message with Chief: Hi Chief. I am feeling extremely much better since my first session. Amazing! I had zero depression when I woke up and didn't need any alcohol. Thanks again for bringing my life back to normal and balanced.

Mr R - Finance Industry

Hello NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief: Good morning. After my session two days ago I've realized there were some mindsets and worries that have been weighing heavily on my mind and I have received inspiration on how to resolve these issues. There is no doubt in my mind that this development is directly related to our sessions. My thoughts feel less like sludge and more like an enthusiastic partner happy to point out the possibility that surrounds me. This is how my thoughts have been. I'm not foolish enough to believe that my work is done (it's unending as you both know very well) but this is a great indicator for me. Tears are in my eyes as I type. I am so grateful for the connection. Ms. J  - Professor

Hello NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief: Thank you for your really kind words and I am feeling very much better than I did at the beginning of the session. Really funny thing, this morning before the session I notices some red dots (I thought they were possibly bites) sort of clustered around my right shoulder and on the right side of my stomach near my tummy button. There was no irritation such as itching or pain but they were just 'there' I have just checked and they have completely disappeared. Never had that before. If I could book  my next session that would be great. Thank you again for your help and support. Best wishes. Ms. C

(Post Skype sessions testimonial)

Chief's sessions are kind of hard to put into words. Each time I felt lighter and clearer and more focused. My mind at first did try to question it, but my mind also knows that I'm going to keep going. From the last session, I was reminded that I have turned off a lot of sensitivity because I felt scared in the world. And I'm grateful that Chief has supported me to become who I truly am. Letting go of attachments and learning how to support myself are a blessing. I hope to continue to work together, and I truly feel grateful for all you have done. With all my heart I am truly grateful for Chief because of his guidance, protection, wisdom, and healing. 

Hello NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief:Thank you Chief for yesterday. I am feeling lighter and lighter. Chief you have been a blessing. 

Hello NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief:It feels so great to have some of the emotions and muscle memory taken out. I can feel a big difference.

Ms. J - Teacher

(Post Skype session testimonial)

Hello NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief:

This morning I woke to purge in the bathroom. I noticed my right leg feels longer. I feel less pain in it when walking. The entire back is remarkably pain-free. 
Wow, the back feels great. I feel so much brighter and lighter. Thank you Chief. I am truly grateful. (feel my eyes becoming moist) 😃

B. Clark - Retired

Facebook Post: Good Evening from Chiang Mai Thailand! I would like to give a shout out to Chief. I heard about Chief about a year ago (October 2017) and I never had a chance to schedule a session with him! He's truly gifted with the ability to see energy! He's a Clairvoyant! Well yesterday morning I took a Tuk-Tuk ride to this brotha's studio where I was there for a 2-hour trauma release session! He was able to release all the negative emotions and blockages through pressing on various pressure points on my body. Yes, there was anger, hurt, sadness, fear, and other emotions that was released throughout my session with his guidance and he revealed to me a lot of my past trauma is ancestral trauma too. All this was a great cleansing experience and this is just another part of my journey. Thank you Chief! If you don't know Chief you better ask somebody! 

Mr. AR - Globe Trotter

Hello Support team.


Please let Chief know that speaking to him is healing in and of itself. I am beyond grateful for him and Ms. A's dedication, kindness, & gifts! Thank you all for being attentive and kind. This is the most difficult thing we have ever experienced and you all have lightened our weight. 


You all have an incredible day! Much gratitude and love, 

Mr S

NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief: Chief - Thank you so much for helping me! I am feeling so much better. I am able to walk with no problem. I cleaned my apartment. I even went out and ran errands for a couple of hours yesterday. The bleeding has practically stopped. I don't fully understand how this happened as I've been running from a hysterectomy for 20 years. I've done everything I know is possible to avoid it. I even had my bags packed on Wednesday to go back to the hospital after our appointment because I felt so defeated. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. 

Ms H. - Writer

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 7.03.00 PM.png

Hello NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief: I really appreciate all of what you did today Chief. Thank you for everything you do for us and for your guidance and support. We'd be absolutely screwed without you.  Ms. L - Entrepreneur 

Hello NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief: After the session today all I have to say is O M G. I'm committing my life to containing.   Ms. P - Nurse 

Hello NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief: Thank you for today's forum. The explanation about fear helped me so much. I laughed a lot. Just what I needed.   Ms. L - Coordinator 

Hello NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief and Mrs A.:

I would like to express my gratitude for both forums, the Ask Chief and Women's forum.
Sometimes I'm struggling to stay on the path since I'm relatively new to this Neo Shamanic journey and I know I still have to learn a lot. I'm doing the containment every day and some days I feel very secure and strong with what I'm doing and other days the containment is just a hand movement and I'm doubting my strength, but every time I join the forums I'm jumping right back on my path and feel so empowered and realigned with my higher consciousness and my journey. 
I'm also very grateful to have found this movement and like-minded people/consciousness (Chief has mentioned that he came out with his work to the public at the Woke Folks Festival, I was part of the organization team and wanted to come to Chief's event so bad, but I had to take care of other last-minute issues, I'm happy that I did find my way to this movement and got to meet you and Chief and learn from you)
It's great to be able to talk about anything without holding back and thinking people will call me crazy when I say or ask certain things. It's great to have this freedom of expression and curiosity! I also appreciate very much the safety I feel within this movement, that whether the things I think or believe are real or nonsense, I'm not being judged or laughed at for believing the nonsense. 
I have started rewatching some of the older recordings of the forum, and although I don't get the full energetic benefits, I'm still learning a lot!!
I would like to make a donation to the Neo Shamanic movement as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for the recordings of the previous forums, being able to rewatch them and learn more and more. 
best wishes, 
Ms. M - NSTHA Student 

"I've never seen such a high energy reading after a healing session." Doctor John (January 2018)

A before and after photo (from left to right) taken using Biospec technology called an EFI energy scan after a healing circle led by Neo Shamanic Founder Chief/ Chief High Priest Mr. H for a woman who was suffering from Lupis.  

Hello NSTHA Support team. Please share this message with Chief: Thank you so much. The premiere of the #NSTHAAsktheChiefforum was amazing and so insightful. The forum helped clarify many personal questions I had. I would love to book a personal session when your calendar allows.  Ms. Y - Entrepreneur 

Welcome! Chief is featured in the UK based magazine: Soul&Spirit June 2021 Issue. Article Title: Step into the world of neoshamanism Excerpt Featuring Chief: Feal at peace

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