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The Neo Shamanic Perspective

Content List:

  • NSTHA Media Post: Pandemic or Weapon of Mass Distraction? - Neo Shamanic Founder Chief

    • Supplementary Content includes photo credit and links to videos pertaining to the post.

  • NSTHA 21st Global Women's Forum (Disney Shorts 20 Something and Floats Review) Including NSTHA Media Post: Is the tragedy what Dunia/Nature is doing now or what people have done to each other for centuries? - Neo Shamanic Founder Chief

    • Supplementary Content includes links to articles , images and websites explaining the death toll numbers pertaining to various global preventable causes of death. (Alcoholism, Genocide, War, Medical Malpractice, Crowd Surges, etc)

  • True Logic (#39) - Neo Shamanic Founder Chief.  Photo Credit List & 23rd NSTHA Global Ask the Chief

  • NSTHA 20th Global Women's Forum & NSTHA 22nd West Coast Ask the Chief Forum  (The Matrix 1999 Review Part 1 &2) Supplementary Content

  • NSTHA 23rd Global Ask the Chief Forum (Disney Shorts Purl and Day & Night Review) Supplementary Content

  • ​Ready Player One NSTHA Movie Review (13th Global Women's Forum) and in-depth description & features: 7th NSTHA Global Ask the Chief & 7th NSTHA Global Women's Forum &  Chief's book on Amazon: My Neo Shamanic Journey


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Supplementary content:

NSTHA 20th Global Women's Forum (The Matrix 1999 Review Part 1) & NSTHA 22nd West Coast Ask the Chief Forum  (The Matrix 1999 Review Part 2) As the NSTHA Global & West Coast Ask the Chief Forums & Global Women's Forums evolve; when appropriate we will be providing a visual aid or supplementary content links if applicable.

NSTHA 20th Global Women's Forum (The Matrix 1999 Review Part 1)
Supplementary Content:

NSTHA 22nd West Coast Ask the Chief Forum (The Matrix 1999 Review Part 2)
Supplementary Content:

NSTHA 23rd Global Ask the Chief Forum (Disney Shorts Purl and Day & Night Review
Supplementary Content:

13th NSTHA Global Women's Forum:Ready Player One (2018) Movie Review

As the NSTHA Global Women's Forums evolve; when appropriate we will be providing a visual aid for some of the NSTHA True Logics and forums pertaining to Neo Shamanic Movie Reviews and other topics. Links are included in the descriptions. Some of the movie clips are just a snippet so feel free to review the entire particular scenes from the movie while reading the review.

The Halliday Journals depicts an example of what density does in reality and how they monitor everyone's experiences through their eyes, ears, and thoughts. Density keeps records of what consciousness in their realm have experienced as a means to control, observe, and extract the maximum amount of essence. The Halliday Journals are also comparable to the Akashik records which only include information from the dense realm. Visit:

The main theme of the movie Ready Player One is the Oasis, a VR world created by Halladay. This clip is a representation of the Oasis but in actuality, it is an accurate representation of the realm we are currently living in. Yin of yin (referred to in the 7th NSTHA Women's Forum- scroll down to view the forum) created the consciousness feeding system otherwise known as the Oasis in the film to collect essence and vitality from planets, people, animals, etc (consciousness in all its forms). Thus you see that all the strands of energy lead back to the center where Yin of yin receives the lion's share of the essence and vitality while his drones fight to be on a higher rank so they can receive a larger share of the scraps. Visit:

Chief explained during the 13th NSTHA Global Women’s Forum that the visual representation of the race for the first key shows a description of what the other side is like. Wade/Parzival found a clue from watching Halladay’s past repeatedly. With the information he collected he risked everything in order to get the key. He found himself in another dimension and saw where all the blocks and obstructions in the race is planned, emulating the dimension from which everything in this realm is planned. Visit: 

In movies as you know, there are a lot of subliminal messages. Density loves to slip in tidbits of clues about their own realm for their own sport. Through applied kinesiology, we found that Halliday's avatar is named Anorak the all-knowing because in the dense realm Anorak was the name of a well-known Pleiadian/ a Yin of yin clone/representative. The name means enslaver in one of the ancient Baltic Languages. Halladay, is a representation of Yin of yin the originator of the dense realm we are in. And to prove this point Wade/Parzival bows to Halladay's avatar to show his allegiance as a Yin of yin clone to Yin of yin's Oasis. Visit: and

As stated previously the Avatar of Halliday was named Anarak a well-known Peladian on the other side. Here is the reference to Yin of Yin controlling Reptilians as well, represented by Mechagodzilla. Mechagodzilla is an ode to the fact that Reptilian shapeshifters are known to be the major fighting force in wars. Even the name Halliday originates as the word Holy Day. Holy Day was meant as a day spent raping and pillaging. "A well known Scottish Border Clan, who from their great animosity against the Southron are said to have adopted the war-cry or slogan of a Holy Day, (Scottish, 'a Haly Day') because the chiefs and people of Annandale, whenever they made a raid or foray upon the Saxon border, accounted the day spent in raping and slaughter a holy one." The word holiday also originates from the Holy Day concept. The names in this movie and the names the system chooses for certain high-profile items are not chosen randomly or by accident. This leads us to the next point - The Holy Hand Grenade.Visit:


  • Coach & Motivational Speaker

 The Holy hand grenade is densities ode to Holy Wars, Holy Day, Halliday, Manifest Destiny, etc. The Bible has plenty of references condoning Holy Days. Christianity is riddled throughout US culture and numerous movies.

Jeremiah 24:10 31
I will send the sword, the famine and the pestilence upon them until they are destroyed from the land which I gave to them and their forefathers.’”

Psalm 136:21-22
And gave their land as a heritage,
For His lovingkindness is everlasting,
Even a heritage to Israel His servant,
For His lovingkindness is everlasting.

Judges 6:9I delivered you from the hands of the Egyptians and from the hands of all your oppressors, and dispossessed them before you and gave you their land, 

Immediately after Wade/Parzival received the first key he was given coin/digital currency and sent to a place where he could buy all sorts of VR equipment. Chief's Guest Speaker Rainer Hahn (mentioned during the 7th NSTHA Global Ask the Chief Forum that those who have the approval of the system) are individuals like Wade and called middlemen. They tend to believe in the system without question. Rainer spoke about how they typically end up with some kind of intense addiction; alcoholism, sexaholic, workaholic, shopaholic, etc

Visit: Immediately after Wade/Parzival received the first key he was given digital currency (Coin), a rank within the system (First to the Key), and approval from the system. Due to this suddenly Wade/Parzival becomes extremely popular overnight. Chief refers to this as soul-selling and provides a description of this in his book: My Neo Shamanic Journey.

Visit: and
Samantha/Artemis is depicted as a character who wants to shut down IOI (Innovative Online Industries) a debt collection and advertisement agency connected to the Oasis. On the one hand, it seems like IOI is separate from the Oasis but in reality they go hand in hand. What the entities IOI and the Oasis represents in this realm are an illustration of two sides of the same coin. To explain further Yin of yin is represented by both Halladay the creator of the Oasis as well as Sorrento the businessman and head of IOI. Samantha/Artemis portrays someone who wants to resist the system but struggles with how to go about doing so. She understands that the Oasis is an illusion but still believes that this realm is reality thus she can be controlled by threats to her life and the lives of those around her. Her resistance movement succeeds in the movie but in reality these movements usually or always fail because they leave out the other realms and their influence. She like many other characters in media believe in resisting the system in a way that density has prescribed to them and it never allows them to truly escape this realm, ie. marching, voting, rioting, employing the justice system, protesting, etc. See the NSTHA Matrix Movie Review to learn more about leaving the Matrix: NSTHA 20th Global Women's Forum & NSTHA 22nd West Coast Ask the Chief Forum. 

Visit: Most of the population of the planet has been recycled through several expressions within the dense realm. Due to this attachments are extremely prevalent. Chief delineates between what I call energy attachments and entity attachments. Entity attachments are actual consciousnesses that reside in other realms that target our energy causing it to shift into lower vibrational states. Energy attachments are the result of those offending consciousnesses that build up and leave residual toxicity behind in their wake. For more information on attachments: My Neo Shamanic Journey on Amazon:
In Ready Player One Sorrento, the head of IOI has in one ear a bunch of Oologists and in the other, he has the board of directors. Each group has its own agenda as to how Sorrento should behave and at times it is contrary to how Sorrento would like to behave. This is a highly appropriate example of how attachments sound and behave. One of the biggest issues is that in life people think these attachments are their own voice in their mind and they end up living their lives obeying their desire. The bottom line for density is to make sure their hosts provide them with the maximum amount of essence and vitality. Density shows their nice face (Halladay) or their evil face, Sorrento and his maniacal reign, whichever is the most effective. Visit:

Density has no favorites. Individuals who sell their soul are not considered important or of more value. They are simply tools to be used by the Yin of yin feeding system as a distraction for the rest of the food/people/consciousness on the planet. Density requires everyone to give their essence and vitality. Those who sell their soul are not exempt from this. For many who sell their soul, they do not realize what the obligation entails, and for some, they want out of their contract with density. For a number of individuals contemplating how to exit their contract density scares them back into submission through the fear of death for themselves, fear of death for those around them, or fear of losing all of their belongings. Chief is the only one who can break contracts for those who have sold their souls. 
Another common fear is that we are being observed by the government, big brother, etc through various types of surveillance and that our "freedoms" are being taken away. F'Nale runs the surveillance and debt collection sector of IOI and uses many different monitoring technologies, ie drones, cameras, face recognition, etc. The truth is that we are consciousness in a digital avatar in an advanced VR realm. We have been being observed and monitored by density through our own eyes, ears, and thoughts since birth. 

Visit: and
As stated previously we are consciousness in a digital avatar in an advanced VR realm. We have been being observed and monitored by density through our own eyes, ears, and thoughts since birth. These clips provide an appropriate example of what density does to you. It feels like you are in what is considered reality but actually, you are seeing whatever density wants you to see, a realm they created to feel, smell, and look believable enough for no one to realize they are in a holographic realm. Effectively using people's belief in this realm to create their own prison. The Oasis/this prison realm we live in only exists due to the belief of the prisoners within it. There are many fail-safes density put into the mind of people to resist this reality but what Chief does begins the process of breaking the hack density has on your mind and offers you more access to your higher consciousness.

Visit: Programming is a fixed mindset that density supports in order to get the optimum amount of essence and vitality from their food which is other consciousnesses. Density enjoys building a person up just to yank the rug out from under them. One of the most common and most effective programs density promotes is romance. “Find your soul mate and you'll be complete” and, “looking for a partner who accepts you for who you are” are widely promoted programs. In the movies, it tends to work out but not in life. Wade says," I'm not disappointed after seeing you."
If density cannot get a consciousness's mind to fall for romance they'll endorse friendship or family, etc. To understand more about the true nature of consciousness and why these concepts are not real see these links: 

My Neo Shamanic Journey on Amazon:
NSTHA Ask the Chief Forum (Global/WestCoast Editions) Playlist:
NSTHA Global Women's Forum Playlist:

In many cases density repeats everyone's trauma in loops, like plays from a playbook. Samantha talks about her father dying in an IOI debt center and the trauma she experienced from watching him die. She later ends up in the same IOI debt center. Situations repeating is common in people's everyday lives. For example, some individuals have expectations to have an illness, an accident, or they expect to be cursed just like a relative or relatives in their family. As Chief always says accidents are not by coincidence and planned by density on the other side. Density can obtain copious amounts of essence and vitality by introducing situations that remind people of their past traumatic experiences, revisiting a loop of trauma from this life or from another life. Density hijacks your mind and persuades your consciousness to create your own hell by believing and supporting their illusion, expecting the worst and excepting what density creates as reality. Another way that density makes sure that the masses stay in line is through the fear of pain, poverty, loneliness and death for themselves and those around them. This clip illudes to the realm we live in by depicting Samantha inside a permanent VR headset.

Halliday says, "I created the Oasis because I never felt at home in the real world I just didn't know how to connect with the people there." Going along with the theme of Yin of yin representing Halliday; Yin of yin created the Oasis. The Oasis was a realm in which Yin of yin could cannibalize other consciousnesses as stated previously. Because he refused to relinquish his creation of the Oasis Yin of yin was not accepted in the real Supreme Consciousness Universe. Yin of yin tried to hide in the Oasis because he knew that if the rest of Supreme Consciousness Universe found out that he was cannibalizing other consciousnesses they would put an end to his realm, his game. Yin of yin hangs onto all his damage and created a dense realm that a confused child would make and the dense realm turns consciousness into a child-like state which emulates himself. Yin of yin was constantly fragmenting consciousnesses through expression after expression of misery and he was fragmented himself. Visit: https://youtu.bekve9w5LdxZY

The Oasis is depicted as a great place to be but the system that is the Oasis dictates and controls all types of expression an individual can have within it. You (your consciousness) enters the Oasis (the feeding system) through a permanent VR headset. The Oasis is a representation of this realm. This realm or this life is an illusion that your consciousness is experiencing through an elaborate VR system that seems very real. Images of the Oasis feature Sports, Hurricane hand gliding, and Polo being played in an arena (Another War reference, “Polo originated as a training game for cavalry units.”)  There is also a casino the size of a planet, you can lose your money there, you can get married or divorced there, and you can go to love motels. The system defines what is fun, good, bad, etc.
Density offers you choices but no matter what choice you choose you’re still lost and you’re still stuck in the Oasis. The video game Mine Craft World is featured in the Oasis as well. If you do a Google Search for: What is the meaning of Mine Craft? The common answer is that, “ Minecraft is considered boring by many people because there is no main objective."
At the beginning of the movie Wade says,
“You don’t need a destination. He showed us that we could go somewhere without going anywhere at all.”
In the movie, the Oologists and Wade say, "Everyone who wins loses. It's not about winning. It's about playing." You lose more and more of your consciousness the more you play the Yin of yin game, and in the end, losing all connection to Supreme Consciousness. Later in the movie, Halladay says to Wade, "Thanks for playing my game" Aka taking part in the game of feeding on other consciousnesses. In the real Supreme Consciousness Universe no consciousness needs to feed on any other consciousness. 


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