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Assisting clients around the globe: Bavaria, Hungary, Kuala Lumpur, Morocco, England, Rwanda, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru, Spain, United States, Australia, Bali, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Myanmar, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Italy, Columbia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Canada, Egypt
People from around the globe engaging in a Q&A discussion from a Neo Shamanic point of view with Neo Shamanic Founder Chief/ Founder of Neo Shamanism Chief High Priest Mr. H. #NSTHAAsktheChief global and west coast editions includes a demonstration of applied kinesiology/muscle testing, healing circle/group training sessions, NSTHA movie reviews, and NSTHA social media references.

The forums are for select clientele of the NSTHA. 

There is also another forum for women called NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's forum. The NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's forum is for select clientele of the NSTHA. The Chief determines when someone is eligible to participate.

To submit questions or movie titles for the AsktheChief forums and or for the NSTHA Women's Forum please scroll down and email us.