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Assisted clients around the globe: Bavaria, Hungary, Kuala Lumpur, Morocco, England, Rwanda, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru, Spain, United States, Australia, Bali, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Myanmar, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Italy, Columbia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Canada, Egypt❗️The Chief is no longer accepting clients ❗️

To submit your own paranormal stories you would like to see explained by the Chief email the NSTHA Support Team at: or


There is room for participants to come on to the show as NSTHA Paranormal Report Guests if you submit a story. 


If your story is chosen: There are different ways to share depending on your comfort level. 

1. You can request to have your written story read aloud. Mrs. A will read your story on the show.

2. Being on Skype with The Chief and Mrs.A but without any video only audio.

3. Having a video chat on Skype with The Chief and Mrs.A to share your story with both audio and video. 


An example of an NSTHA Paranormal Report Guest Video:



To view the NSTHA Paranormal Report 

videos from YouTube visit this link:

The NSTHA Ask The Chief has been changed to the The True View and NSTHA Ask The Chief Anime/Movie Reviews  you can watch free 107+ hours of the most unique content on the planet: or

If you'd like to request The Chief to review a movie or anime from his Neoshamanic Perspective The Chief is still accepting 

submissions of Anime or Movie titles. (Scroll down to send the NSTHA Support Team an email.) Here's a list of movie titles that have been submitted by clients/viewers:


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