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My eBook "My Neo Shamanic Journey" is here! Released October 19,2019

My 1st music album "The Neo Shamanic Journey" Released November 19, 2019



My 2nd music album "Beyond the Walls" Released July 07, 2021

My 3rd music album "Where Do We Go From Here?" Released November 07, 2021

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Neo shamanic
Founder Chief


"I’ve been a healer my whole life and a practitioner for over forty years. 

In 2005 while searching for a deeper understanding of how and if healing work is connected to the other realms I stirred up some gatekeepers of those realms. They were not happy about my query involving their professed domain. I was aggressively told to keep out via poltergeist activity and total chaos in and around my home and property.

Being a stubborn sort I ignored their warnings and sparked a series of intense battles that spanned seven-plus years. It affected everything in my life including my family. From the smoldering rubble of those battles I managed to remain standing. My Neo Shamanic approach was born of those battles.

Neo Shamanism encompasses a number of healing disciplines like applied kinesiology and characteristics of regression psychotherapy. My approach is based on ancient practices used to connect all aspects of consciousness.

Neo Shamanism is an understanding that other realms affect everything in this realm. Everything from disease, depression, and even things like forgetfulness, aches, and misfortune tends to be orchestrated from those realms via what I call attachments.

I delineate between what I call energy attachments and entity attachments. Entity attachments are actual consciousnesses that reside in other realms that target our energy causing it to shift into lower vibrational states.


Energy attachments are the result of those offending consciousnesses that build up and leave residual toxicity behind in their wake.

During those years of metaphysical research, I also worked for over four decades as an award-winning Illustrator, based in New York City and Woodstock, NY.

My client list included: Martha Stewart Living, The Wall Street Journal, J. Walter Thompson Advertising, Men's Health Magazine, Tiffany & Co., New York Magazine, Fortune Magazine, This Old House Magazine, Field & Stream Magazine, and the list goes on...

Under the name of Music by the Chief, I compose music and affirmations specifically created for The Neo Shamanic Journey Division of the Neo Shamanic Temple of Higher Awareness. Currently I have 3 albums published: The Neo Shamanic Journey, Beyond the Walls, and Where Do We Go From Here?

As of November the 4th 2019 my new official title is Chief High Priest, President, and Founder of: Neo Shamanic Temple of Higher Awareness, recognized by the United States government/IRS as a religious organization."


neo shamanic temple of higher awareness no.2 Chiang mai Thailand

neo shamanic temple of higher awareness no.1 Nevada USA
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