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Assisted clients around the globe: Bavaria, Hungary, Kuala Lumpur, Morocco, England, Rwanda, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru, Spain, United States, Australia, Bali, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Myanmar, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Italy, Columbia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Canada, Egypt❗️The Chief is no longer accepting clients but you can join us on Patreon or submit a story.❗️

To submit your own paranormal stories you would like to see explained by the Chief email the NSTHA Support Team at: or


There is room for participants to come on to the show as NSTHA Paranormal Report Guests if you submit a story. 


If your story is chosen: There are different ways to share depending on your comfort level. 

1. You can request to have your written story read aloud. Mrs. A will read your story on the show.

2. Being on Skype with The Chief and Mrs.A but without any video only audio.

3. Having a video chat on Skype with The Chief and Mrs.A to share your story with both audio and video. 


An example of an NSTHA Paranormal Report Guest Video:


To view the NSTHA Paranormal Report 

videos from YouTube visit this link:

The NSTHA Ask The Chief and the The NSTHA Global Women's Forum has been changed to the The True View With The Chief Exclusively on Patreon but you can still watch free 107+ hours of the most unique content on the planet: or 


NSTHA movie reviews that were previously a part of the NSTHA Ask The Chief and NSTHA Global Women's Forums are now under a similar title but all new episodes are exclusively on Patreon: NSTHA Ask The Chief Anime/Movie Reviews 


If you'd like to request The Chief and Mrs.A to review a movie or anime from the Neoshamanic Perspective The Chief is still accepting submissions of Anime or Movie titles. (Scroll down to send the NSTHA Support Team an email.) Here's a list of movie titles that have been submitted by clients or viewers:

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