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The NSTHA Media Rating System

The NSTHA is now featuring the Neo Shamanic Movie/Media Rating System. The NSTHA Media Rating System was created by Chief to measure the level of programming within a film as well as the information that can be perceived from a Neo Shamanic point of view. (PGR) is the amount of programming imposed on viewers throughout the movie along with the percentage of a movie that is leading the viewer into density's perception of reality. (NSTHA) measures the amount of subliminal and direct information that can heighten a person's Neo Shamanic awareness and expose the negative influence that movies and other media have on one's everyday life. 

Just in case we missed any of the movies that the forums address please feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page to send us an email that includes the link to the Ask the Chief Forum or the NSTHA Woman's Forum and the timestamp of where the movie was addressed by the Chief or Mrs.A . Thank you. Kind Regards- NSTHA Support Team

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