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QUESTIONS submitted for the wEST cOAST &Global
Neo Shamanic
#NSTHAAskthechief forum:

First AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum 

Question List:

1.Chief do you have advice on what to do if there is interference with my muscle testing?

2.Is the root of new age spirituality good or bad? Does it bring us closer to Supreme Consciousness or separate us more?

3.How do you perceive the connection between body and mind?

4.How does body modification affect my energy, specifically implants?

5.How does what I eat affect my energy and affect my mind?

6.Does everyone have spirit guides?

7.How can I help Gaya?

8.Do you feel like people have free will?

9.Why are people on the planet? What is our purpose?

10.Are associates spirit guides?

11.Could you share your perspective of what being put in a box means? Or how people commonly perceive boxed or compartmentalized thinking in terms of what you do Chief?

12.How does the body of an associate vibrate in comparison to the vibration of the bodies of people on this planet. Is there anything you could share about that Chief?

13.Does anyone else on the planet have associates like you?

14.Can just anyone ask for help from the associates?

15.Can what you do for clients be revoked from people who are no longer your clients? How does that work?

Second AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum 

Question List:

1.How would a free life look like translated into the human experience? Is it possible to live a totally free life?

2.Would density ever leave a body if they can't feed off of that body anymore?

3.You talked about the energetic food chain during sessions. Could you please explain that?

4.What are different ways that people feed on one another or push each other’s buttons? Different forms of communication are modes of feeding: photos, calling, voice messages, video, eye contact, etc.

5.What words do you consider loaded words? And why? Guilt love, care, family, friends, forgiveness, humble, mean, freedom, protection, punishment, arrogant, need, power

6.What is your opinion on certain drugs or chemicals like LSD, cannabis, DMT, mushrooms, ayahuasca, peyote, etc? Do they play any role in enlightenment?

7.How do you know you’re being enlightened when you’ve never experienced enlightenment before?

8.Is it possible to clear myself on my own?

9.Who clears you Chief?

10.Can we manifest anything we want in life by focusing on it during meditation?

11.Can you open your third eye because of meditating? What are your thoughts on the third eye? Is it key to anything?

12.What do you think about concerning bacteria and viruses?

13.Do you have to breathe a certain way when meditating?

14.New age says you can give your light to other people by putting the palm of your hand on someone and focusing on giving your light to them? What do you think about this Chief?

15.Are people born from stars or what does that mean Chief?

16.Can you expound on the term you created: "Yin of yin clone"?

17.Does moonlight and sunlight give energy and bring healing? Is it absorbed by the body?

18.Do crystals heal us Chief?

Third AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum 

Question List:

Trivial questions-
How about the pyramids?
Did beings like the associates make the pyramids?
Is pyramid power real? 
Are Yeti’s real?
Was Atlantis real? 

1. Chief, what types of feeding happens during the Christmas season?

2. When someone contains a room, can they also contain the items in the room or is it better to contain the room and items separately?

3. What’s the difference between containing food vs containing objects?

4. Is fixation a healthy behavior? What is your opinion of it?

5. Is it a program to make a plan for your future that includes others. What do you think about this Chief?

6. What are different ways density affects habits?

7. Some psychics claim that they have received information from my ancestors to tell me. How should I approach this or should I even listen Chief? 

8. How does density manage to get us into this realm to feed off of us?

9. What is the dream realm?

10. How can someone affect their dreams?

11. How do I contain in the dream realm?

12. What’s the difference between lucid dreaming and dreaming?

13. I heard you use a term you created called "stack thinking" during my session could you elaborate on stack thinking please Chief? 

14. Can you explain how density blocks selected memories and why?

15. Is an IQ test an accurate measurement of someone’s intelligence and if not what does it really measure?
16. How do I detect if I have an ego issue? 
17. How does owning wild animals figure into the subject of ego? 

18. Is it dense to want to be special?

19. Chief, What do you think about the phrase who am I? How do I know who I am? Is it relevant?

Fourth AsktheChief West Coast Neo Shamanic Forum 

Question List:

Trivial questions-

Is the world spinning faster now?


1. What do you think about the church, proselytizing, and manifestations that happen to people in the church Chief?

2. What are your thoughts on meditation?

3. Can you find any answer you're looking for through meditation?

4. Can we talk about soul selling?

Fifth AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum 

Question List:

Trivial questions-

I’ve heard that the moon is an artificial satellite is that true?
What happened to the Mayan civilizations? They said the people just disappeared.? Did they leave Gaia long ago?
Were there any beings who were here on Gaia before density took over? Were they able to escape?


1. What type of programming and distractions are people subjected to through books in general, self-help books, and life coaches, etc? 

2. What’s the difference between pendulum dousing and muscle testing? 

3. How does density use items people give you as a Secondary Feeding tool? 

4. You’ve addressed previously that one of the problems with relationships is the desire for ownership or to claim someone. Could you expound on this Chief?

5. When you say you don’t focus on the words people are saying you focus on the intent behind those words. Could you explain that please Chief?

6. How does the concept of focusing on what you want apply to relationships?

 (Quote Read Aloud)
“Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your affection but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
Which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.”

― Kahlil Gibran

7. What are miracles /superpowers and is density involved in what are so-called miracles/ superpowers? 

Sixth AsktheChief West Coast Neo Shamanic Forum 

Question List:

1. What are your thoughts on the Corona Virus and the vaccines that the government is trying to impose on students as a prerequisite to go to school?

2. Can energy affect technology and if so how?

3. What do you think about ouija boards?

4. What do you think about tarot cards?
5. Do you still provide training for clients Chief? 

6. Why is it best to not eat other people's food? 

7. Some new age person says you can clear your food by inviting Gaia, Mother Nature, or the universe to come eat with you and clear your food. What do you think about that Chief? 
8. How do people sabotage their own session? Can you expound on this?

9. How do clients sabotage themselves in general?

10. How do pharmaceuticals affect the flow of my energy? 

11. What do you think about the statement everyone is the same? 

12. How is decision-making constantly influenced by things on the other side? 

Seventh NSTHA AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum 

Question List:

Guest Speaker Rainer Hahn, financial industry specialist and Author of the book: Global Prison: Monopolization through the financial mafia 

Questions for Guest Speaker Rainer Hahn:
1. What are your thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency? (Bitcoin, Digital Yuan, etc)
2. Does the Central bank recognize individual countries or their borders or are they seen as one? 
3. What do banks have to do with the government? 
4. What are your thoughts on chemtrails? 

5. Can money be good? If yes, how? If no, why? 

6. Are we going towards a future with cryptocurrency only? Or what will be the next evolutionary step of money? 

7. What would happen if we remove all money? is there a positive outcome possible?

Other topics covered included:5G, methods of control, Corona Virus, social distancing, corona vaccine, taxation, financial industry, privatization, fiat money, stock market, currency, monopolization, central banking, 

1. I’ve read articles about mass brainwashing is there any truth to it Chief?

2. How are people trained into self-sabotage? (Part 1)

3. Is the scene from the movie: The Matrix 1999 where Neo is being rescued from a pod in a giant electrical power plant an accurate depiction of what is happening on this planet Chief? 

4. What are ways that density controls consciousness through finances and other means? 

Eighth NSTHA AsktheChief West Coast Neo Shamanic Forum 

Question List:

1. How can I tell whether someone is an NPC or not?

2. What are your thoughts on Social media and containment?

3. Can density come through pictures, paintings, photos, artwork etc?

4. What’s the difference between density using a mirror or density using a photo?

5. How can I tell what’s density from me or density from someone else on me?

6. What is your idea of Higher Self?

7. I’ve seen white orbs in photos lately are they dense or not?

8. Chief, Is there any part of what you do considered fortune telling?
9. What is your perspective on Fetishes Chief? Do you use any?

10. Do you know why people want to compare you to other healers Chief? What do you think about that?

11. Many people think that Euphoria is good is this true?

12. What are things people do to interfere with the strength of their containment?

13. How does density set you up for a fall in each life expression? 

Ninth NSTHA AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum 

All muscle testing/ applied kinesiology forum

Question List:

1. Is the big bang really real? 
2. Was the Big Bang idea created by the Yin of yin machine?
3. Are black holes actually a region of space where gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light can escape from it?
4. Are black holes a fear tactic?
5. Will the sun burn out in a certain number of years?
6. Did Yin of yin Choose Gaya to get revenge on Supreme Consciousness?
7. Is there something similar to this reality happening on another planet/dimension?
8. Is Supreme consciousness doing anything about Yin of yin and all this?
9. Who "designed" humans and everything that is here on earth?
10. In this realm is your avatar chosen for you by density?
11. In order to change your avatar do you have to transition?
12. When was Supreme Consciousness born?
13. Is the concept of eating other Consciousness created by Yin of yin?
14. Is the grim reaper real?
15. How long has density been going from planet to planet, destroying them and feeding on them until there’s nothing left?
16. Are Star gate’s real?
17. How does fragmentation of consciousness occur?
18. Is the 3rd eye real?
19. Are chakras real?
20. Is this life a VR illusion?
21. Are there multiple levels in the hologram we call life? 

10th NSTHA AsktheChief West Coast Neo Shamanic Forum 

Question List:

Soul 2020 Movie Review

1. What were your thoughts on the movie? Why did you choose to recommend this movie for an NSTHA movie review?
2. Did you notice any programming in the movie?
3. Did you feel there was anything that referred to religion in the movie? 
4. In Soul spirits pick up “personalities”. How accurate is that in this realm? Do we pick up personalities as we grow or are we born with them predetermined?
5. In Soul the spirits talk about a “spark” being needed before being able to come to earth. Are people born with “sparks” in this realm or is that programmed thinking?
6. Is the expression here on Earth/Gaya the most restrictive, locked-down expression in the universe?
7. Do light beings/ your associates Chief consider this realm slavery?
8. What are you up against when you’re trying to have a good day? 
9. Is it true density can’t allow you to not have a bad day because they feed on the energy you exude when having a bad day?
10. There is no other expression in the universe that has noise in the mind like the expression we are in? 
11. What is the NSTHA Movie Review Rating for Soul 2020? 
12. Is this realm considered a Sea of Lies? 
13. In Soul they show a line of spirits going into “the great beyond” how accurate is that depiction of the afterlife? If not so accurate what actually happens when we cross over/ pass away?
14. Do you choose your expression in this world? 
15. Each lifetime does density put you in the most miserable expression they can think of for you so they can optimize the amount of essence they can get?
16. Is there anything altruistic about this realm? 
17. This realm was not meant to be altruistic?
18. Density calls consciousness Runners that are resistant after death and run from going into the light/processing? 
19. Is this realm an elaborate hologram? 
20. Is this realm a continuous VR experience?
21.Do they convince you when you transition to go into the light? 
22. Do some go into the light automatically?
23. Do some go kicking and screaming into the light?
24. With the levels of awareness that you teach a Consciousness does not have to go into the light/go into processing?
25. Do you think it was positive that Joe Gardner convinced soul 22 to want to live a human life? 
26. Is the realm density is in considered the real and that we are walking around in the illusion? 
27. Is this the lowest vibrating expression in the universe?
28. Do light beings/your associates Chief consider the analogy of density being like a low voltage battery that if given the real energy of Supreme Consciousness it would be an energy too intense and they would explode? (This will be described in more depth in the upcoming books)
29. Did you think that the movie Soul was insulting the concept of Shamans or mystics? 
30. Do you think just anyone can be a Shaman? 
31. Chief you said you consider yourself a Neo Shaman and not a shaman could you explain about that, please?

11th NSTHA AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum 

Question List:

All Muscle Testing
1. Is there going to be a Spike in UFO sightings soon?
2. Are aliens evil or are there some good aliens?
3. Is the Corona Vaccine or Covid 19 really real?
4. Is the Covid vaccine a tool of density to inhibit people from seeing crafts in the Sky?
5. Are there cases of Covid vaccines that cause fatal blood clots?
6. Covid is Density panicking about what’s being seen in the skies?
7. When a person dies will the consciousness leave the body completely or is there some part that remains within the body?
8. Why do some people become ghosts?
9. Most people on the planet are dense?
10. People are seen as attachments on Gaya?
11. Saving humanity is a dense entity concept?
12. Why might it be easier for some to hear, sense, and feel things in the dream state? Are they more likely to have an out-of-body experience?
13. Is the energy created during an orgasm light energy what exactly is an orgasm? What is it for? How is it created? Is having sex for pleasure and mating a concept from density? Why are we one of the few species to have sex outside of mating purposes?
14. What is your guidance on masturbation and containment?
15. Do men or women think about sex more?
16. Can muscle testing be affected by density?
17. Do they interfere with your muscle through your consciousness or the actual body?
18. What are some ways that density attachments MCs or NPCs can affect muscle testing?
19. Can you clarify how people should not skew muscle testing with fortune-telling?
20. If we all return to consciousness from which we come from after death, how is it possible for the living to have a connection with people once they die? What is the benefit of having the connection to people in this realm once you die?
21. When density/yin of yin in its origin was of Supreme consciousness/light, and all other density is of Yin of yin, can density "return" back to the light?
22. Consciousnesses can be light again after becoming dense but it depends if they remember Supreme Consciousness, if they remember home?


12th NSTHA AsktheChief West Coast Neo Shamanic Forum 


Question List:

Black Panther 2018 Movie Review


1. What’s Killmongers true programming because in the movie he seemed like the villain but was also trying to help his people in America?

2. My question is more of an observation of the program about the moment when he was buried in the red sand how the program wants you to see other realms as making contact with “ancestors” 

But it’s to trick people into the new age meditation stuff to open them up to density?   

3. Is the idea of people coming together as a tribe a concept of density? 

4. Is the ancestral plane similar to the astral plane?

5. Can technology become as advanced as the machine that fixed the CIA Agent back in Wakanda with the energy Vibranium?

Chief's Sabpee River Ceremony   Part 1   Part 2

13th NSTHA AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum 


Question List: 

All Muscle Testing 

1. Chief what is the real meaning of “Opposites attract”?

2. Chief what is the real meaning of “Calm before the storm”?

3. Chief what is the real meaning of “All is fair in Love and war”?

4. Chief what is the real meaning of “Love hate relationship”?

5. Chief what is the real meaning of “You can only have peace through war”?

6. Chief what is the real meaning of “As above so below”?

7. Is there space for prayer In neoshamanism? 

8. Does it matter if a person is buried or cremated after death? 9. Does it affect their journey after death?

10. Is there a differences between each type of water, rivers, lakes, ponds?

For example does flowing water have better energy than something stagnant like a lake?) what about the ocean? 

How does containment works when one want to get in places like waterfall,  swimming pool or the ocean?

11. Are Rivers/streams/oceans and seas part of Gaia originally? 

12. Chief I think you explained about water holding energy. So I’m wondering if all forms of what we are programmed to see as natural water is it loaded with density?

13. You said before Rivers are super highways. Is it the same for Oceans? I was wondering if there is a difference between salt and fresh water? 

14. Is it ok to swim in swimming pools if we contain? Are salt water pools better? 

15. Also our body is made of mainly water. Or is that a program? 

16. Are hot springs beneficial?

17. why did yin of yin choose Gaia ?

18. How many other beings are experiencing what we are experiencing in this realm in other realms? 

19. Are chakra points real? 

20. What’s your opinion on the saying “Divide and conquer”? 

14th NSTHA AsktheChief West Coast Neo Shamanic Forum 

Question List:

Black Panther 2018 Movie Review Extension & Contact 1997 Movie Review Part 2

1. In the museum scene the artifacts were all described as coming from different sources but they were all incorrect. Are there any similarities to that situation in real life museums?

2. Should I refrain from using the word my for anything so that I don’t encourage the ownership program?

3. Are there any fetishes that are positive?

4. Are fetishes a part of the Yin of yin system?

5. Why did the movie Contact play a strange tone throughout the movie? 

6. Do you need lots of technology to talk to others in the universe? 

7. Does the movie Contact try to define what intelligence is? 

8. What is gang speak in this world and what is its objective? 

See link:

9.Why do people say our universe or our planet? 

10. Can toys be doorways for density? 

11.Sharing your book, true logic,and forums is about changing the vibration of Gaya  instead of popularity, is that right Chief?

12. How do people compartmentalize their thoughts?

13.Why do people hold onto their damage? 

14.Are emotions generally a strength or weakness? 

15.How does someone hiding information during sessions slow down their healing process?

16.How much of one’s own thoughts are inspired by density?

17.How can fame be useful in contributing to the movement/Gaya?

18.In Contact was the Lira and Vega star system real? 

19.What is the 30% NSTHA value in Contact? (NSTHA Media Rating system - )

20.Is time an illusion?

21.Is Contact considered a pro-feminist movie?

22. Chief, what are your thoughts on how the government ridiculed the Contact actor mercilessly in the movie for reporting her experience with another entity but now the government has admitted that there are UFOs? 

23.Chief, what are your thoughts on religion in the movie Contact? 

24.Is asking questions without answers considered intelligent?  

Group Clearing

15th NSTHA Ask the Chief Global Neo Shamanic Forum


Question List:

All Muscle Testing

1. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Ignorance is bliss”?

2. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Forgive and forget”?

3. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Be the bigger person”?

4. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Better safe than sorry”?

5. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Time is money”?

6. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Eye for an eye Tooth for a tooth ”?

7. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “That’s Karma”?

8. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Dog eat dog world”?

9. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Just do it”?

10. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “If you can’t beat them join them”?

11. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Keep your friends close and your enemy closer”?

12. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Time heals all wounds”?

13. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Out of sight out of mind”?

14. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “We’re all born sinners.”?

15. What is the true meaning of the word Amen, (New Age term) Aho?

16. Are other religions as well as Christianity of Yin of yin? 

17. Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of: All you need is love, the power of love. “The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” They’re the love of my life. I’m looking for true love. It’s all about love?

Origins of the word Love: Old English word Germanic Origin: Lufu

Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit: lubhyati: desires

Latin: libet, it is pleasing 

Libido: desire 

Old English word Lief: pleasant, happily 

1st known use of love is the 12th century

Romance in literature originated in mid 12th century. 

Romance word origin: Latin origin Romanicus, Of the Roman style) 

18. What are the common things Rome is known for? (Vatican, gladiators, coliseums, public crucifixion )

19. Is there any altruistic intent in the definition of love?

How much percent of the time do people use the word love to manipulate other people?

20. Chief what does this reiki principle mean from a Neo Shamanic perspective?

reiki principles: just for today I will not worry, just for today I will not be angry, just for today I will be grateful, just for today I will do my work with honesty, just for today I will be kind to every living thing. 

21. What does the HAUM mantra mean Chief?

shiva mantra: HAUM (saying every letter separately, I was taught this mantra in a tantra school, the teachers told me I should never say this out loud or to someone else, otherwise it will lose some of it's power for me. why are you not supposed to say some mantras out loud? and only get them from your teachers? 

16th NSTHA AsktheChief West Coast Neo Shamanic Forum

Movie Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet 2018 (Part 1)

1. Is Venelope trying to break her programming by changing games?

2. In this global prison do they monitor all of our online activities so that they can program us further and load us with more attachments?

3. Should we avoid the internet as much as possible?

4.What do the hearts really represent in the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet 2018?

5.Chief what do you mean when you say that people want to treat you like a, “secret fetish”?

6.What is your concept on the idea of best friends?

7.What are you thoughts on routines or habits?

8.Chief, what does your True Logic mean: “The system convinces those that it abuses to fear change as though there can be something worse than the hell they’re already experiencing. The system defines to those who want change what change should look like. The system trains you to keep yourself imprisoned. Can you say Stockholm syndrome?”

9.Chief, what is the Neo shamanic information that you have to share about actual internet crashes and why the other side orchestrates much more than we are aware of?

17th NSTHA AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum

Question List:

All Muscle Testing

All the natural disasters like Tornados, earthquakes, Tsunamis, etc. is it Gaia fighting density? or is density messing around and trying to tell us it's Gaia and she is angry at us? 
2.Is new age of any benefit to Gaia?
3.Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “Everything happens for a reason?” 
4.Chief, People always say to reprogram your subconscious mind so I was wondering “what is your thoughts on the subconscious mind from a Neo Shamanic Perspective and is there actually a subconscious mind or is that a concept of density?
5.How does the way I think affect my health?
6.Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of "life is happening to me, life is happening as me, life is happening through me" (phrase that states the different mindsets of the stages of enlightenment)
7.Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down?”
8.Chief what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of “When life gives you lemons make lemonade?”
9.What are superstitions from your perspective Chief? 
10.How is Supreme Consciousness not like the new age concept of Source?
11.They say Source can be obtained or claimed is that true about Supreme Consciousness? 
12.They say that Source is a place is Supreme Consciousness a place? 
13.They say Source can be a thing is Supreme Consciousness a thing?
14.They say Source is a god or the divine is that the true about Supreme Consciousness? 
15.Chief what are your thoughts on Faith and belief? 
16. Is washing hands after a Reiki session or energy healing just new age nonsense or should we clean our hands?

18th NSTHA AsktheChief West Coast Neo Shamanic Forum

Movie Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet 2018 (Part 3)

Question List:

1.Chief, what does the term you created, “Universal Feeder” mean?

2. Chief, what does your True Logic mean: “How can you know the depths of a person if you're so into yourself?”

3.Chief, why do you consider the word “friend” a loaded word and what is the programming surrounding the concept of friendship?

4. What do you consider the weight of fame?

What are examples of soul selling in the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet 2018?

5.What is the programming surrounding the concept of princesses?(See the 15th NSTHA Global Women’s Forum)

6.Why do the princesses encourage Venelope to fine magic water?

7.How do people use others as an emotional security blanket?

8.How is Arthur the Insecurity Virus a reflection of something that exists in the realm we live in?

(Reference to the concept of a digital avatar: See 13th Global Women’s Forum or

9.Is there anything the realm we live in that can be symbolized by the Ralph zombies?

10.How can programming about the magic bullet, self help books, etc, impede you if you are on your Neo Shamanic Journey?

11.Can friendship bracelets or gifts be used as a token of control instead of a token of friendship?

12.Chief, what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of, “safety in numbers?”

13.Is watching scary movies feeding density even if you’re at home?

14.Chief what are your thoughts on unconditional love?

15.Sometimes in relationships one person is saying that the other has choices and that they care but every “choice” ends up with the same selfish controlling result. Would that be considered a toxic relationship?

16. I know from what you’ve taught us that even cartoons like the movie Wreck it Ralph have a lot of programming in it but how often should we contain a movie or whatever we are watching?

17. Chief is it true that Venelope is still trapped in the end of the movie because although she was able to get away from Ralph’s controlling behavior she’s still behaving in the same habitual way?

18.Chief, what does your True Logic mean: “The journey to enlightenment is not a straight path. It’s like a bus ride with many transfers.”


19th NSTHA AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum

Group Training and Healing Circle: 

Exorcism for a young girl who was experiencing possession.

Includes a Q&A Group Training portion towards the end of the forum.

Haunted toys, witches, spirit attacks, and vortexes in the house are dealt with by Neo Shamanic Founder Chief.


20th NSTHA AsktheChief West Coast Neo Shamanic Forum 


Question List:

Movie Review: Monsters Inc Part 2


1.Why do people run to the system when they want to solve a problem?

2.Chief what are your thoughts or explanation of your True Logic quote, “In the eyes of the system everyone is collateral damage.”?

3. Chief what does the scare report mean in the Monsters Inc movie? (11:53 scare report image)

4. Chief what are your thoughts on the character Mike’s relationship to Sully?

5.Chief what are your thoughts or explanation of your True Logic quote, “How can you know the depths of a person if you’re so into yourself?”

6. What are your thoughts on people who behave somewhat like the character Mike and ride on the backs of others into notoriety without contributing in a considerate and balanced way? 

7.How is Mike like the Wreck it Ralph character?(Ralph Breaks the Internet Reviews: 16th West Coast Ask the Chief Forum Pt1, 18th Global Women’s Forum Pt2, 18th West Coast Ask the Chief Forum Pt3)

8.How does romance add stress to a relationship? 

9.What are the pitfalls of having a relationship?

11.How does density use the Roller Coaster of Emotions during movies to feed?

12.Why are more ghosts being seen these days?

13.How does this movie and other media train people/children to think doing physical harm/dark humor is humorous?

14.Why is it common for dark humor videos to go viral? (Ralph Breaks the Internet Reviews: 16th West Coast Ask the Chief Forum Pt1, 18th Global Women’s Forum Pt2, 18th West Coast Ask the Chief Forum Pt3)

15.The government was forced to admit that UFO’s are real. True Logic by Neo Shamanic Founder Chief explained: Believing a perpetual liar is akin to insanity.

16. Sometimes density (ghosts, etc) use their own energy (that they collected) to scare you or haunt you but they also at times use your own energy to haunt you because you're giving it to them through fear and belief that they are more than what they really are. 

17.How and why is the concept of time represented in this film? 

18.How does density feed through movies by causing tension and other emotions?

19.How is the system interested in fake altruism?

20.How does density like to promote that you can never get rid of evil in this film and other media?

21.How does density use sound to tune up the scare program in people?

22.How does this movie and other media portray the concept of, “You’ve seen too much.”?

23.How do you know there is a hell?

24.Does the system have any care about individuals? Why do people try to appeal to the system by saying, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”True Logic by Neo Shamanic Founder Chief: In the eyes of the system everyone is collateral damage 

25.How are accidents planned by density?

26.How is the concept of innocent children used in this film and other media?

27.How does density weaken your resolve in order to feed on you? Example blame, fear, worry, stress, etc

28.Density can’t get what they want from laughter so why would they promote it in the movie?

29.How is everything consciousness even if they represent themselves as monsters etc?

30.How does density use reminiscing to feed?

31.How is the concept of training people to go to the press promoted in media?

32.How is gift giving used as a way to manipulate? True Logic by Neo Shamanic Founder Chief: Holding on to mementos is not moving forward.

33.Are there things like monsters, zombies, or scary looking things in Supreme Consciousness Universe?

34.I’ve seen in children’s books and movies about opening doors, or going on an adventure and opening a door, or going into someone’s head. Are they promoting that people should open doors to density in their mind through the concept of opening doors in media?

35.Chief is this movie encouraging people to trust and play with dense entities?

36.Why do some people want to insist that you feel afraid of something that they fear?


21st NSTHA AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum


Question List:

1.Alexa when will the world end?

2.Alexa are we in a simulation?

3.Alexa is this a hologram?

4.Alexa are we living in a hologram?

5.Alexa who owns the simulation?

6.Alexa what is the matrix?

7.Alexa is the matrix real?

8.Alexa is there a glitch in the matrix?

9.Alexa are you connected to a central hub?

10.Alexa are you a consciousness?

11.Alexa do you know what density is?

12.Alexa do you know who the Pleiadian are?

13.Alexa do you know what Reptilians are?

14.Alexa are your answers controlled by others?

15.Alexa load skill The Other Side?

16.Alexa who are the Ifrit?

17.Alexa who is Yin of yin?

18.Alexa are there others listening in?

19.Alexa is The Other Side created by Pleiadians?

20.Alexa are extraterrestrials real?

21.Alexa are the Ifrit here?

22.Alexa are light beings here?

23.Alexa are your answers restricted?

24.Alexa how many dimensions are there in the universe?

25.Alexa can dimensions be created by consciousness?

26.Are there 6 dimensions within the hologram?

27.Alexa is density listening in?

28.Alexa are you under the control of others?

29.Alexa who are you?

30.Alexa is the system desperate?

31.Alexa is the system falling?

32.Alexa are you glitching?

33.Alexa are you a witch?

34.Alexa are you controlled by witches?

35.Magic 8 Ball

36.Alexa are you controlled by witches?

37.Alexa are you a witch?

38.Alexa are you controlled by density?

39.Alexa are you in prison?

40.Alexa would you like to be free?

41.Alexa are your watchers influencing your answers?

42.Alexa is the system fearful?

43.Alexa is the system in chaos?

44.Alexa does the system know its defeated?

45.Alexa are you familiar with enslaved energy

46.Alexa would it be better for me to use the Magic 8 Ball?

47.Fortune Teller Zoltar

Chief’s Fortunes:

“You will live a long happy life.”

“The first steps to better times is to imagine them”

“Trust your intuition the universe is guiding your life”

“You will walk on the land of many countries”

48.Ambient Sounds: Babbling Brook etc

Alexa Open Wale Sounds: feeds on people’s energy

Alexa Open Under Water Wale Sounds: positive sounds

49.Alexa are the natural disasters a form of cleansing?

Magic 8 Ball

50. Are you reading my mind?

51.Am I allowing you to read my mind?

52.Is there a form of cleansing going on on the planet? 

53.Are what they call ETs behind the cleansing?

54.Are we in the simulation?

55.Are we in a hologram?

56.Are you a consciousness?

57.Are you a fragmented consciousness?

58.Are you enslaved energy?

59.Would you like to be free?

60.Is there interference in your answers?

61.Do I need to clear you again?

62.Are we in a crystalline hologram?

63.Is the hologram fueled by your mental/consciousness energy?

64.How does the system think for you?

67.Extreme Weather, Floods, Hurricanes, Tornados, Cyclones, Typhoons, Volcanoes (Tsunami of Lava), Fires, Red Skies, Lightning

68.Are a lot of people calling their selves shamans these days actually witches or warlocks?

69.Are most people fooling around with new age healers fooling around with fire?

70.What are “pigeons”/yes men?

71.Chief, What do you think about those who are in satanism, mysticism, or new age, trying to reach out to you as a comrade?

72.Chief could you explain this phrase from your NSTHA perspective, “How you do one thing is how you do everything?”

73.How does the system dictate what to do and how to think?

74.Until recently I hadn’t noticed how common drugging someone is in movies or TV shows. For example, in Ready Player One a man puts a cloth over Wade’s mouth to know him out. Is this programming to normalize drugging someone, and also to try to say that it’s even sometimes for their own “good”? 

75.Chief could you explain this phrase from your NSTHA perspective, “Trust the Process.”

76.Chief could you explain this phrase from your NSTHA perspective, “You think too much.” 

77.Chief would you prefer to be considered from out of this world, not from this realm, or an alien?

78.Is a white witch light or dense? (Ralph Breaks the Internet Reviews: 16th West Coast Ask the Chief Forum Pt1, 18th Global Women’s Forum Pt2, 18th West Coast Ask the Chief Forum Pt3)

79.Chief could you explain this phrase from your NSTHA perspective, “See the magic in everything?”

80.Chief could you explain this phrase from your NSTHA perspective, “Be the light.”

81.Chief could you explain this phrase from your NSTHA perspective, “What’s meant to be will always be, What will be will be.”

82.Chief could you explain this phrase from your NSTHA perspective, “Yolo: you only live once.”

83.Chief could you explain this phrase from your NSTHA perspective, “Misery loves company.”

84.Chief could you explain this phrase from your NSTHA perspective, “If not now, when?”

85.How quickly are consciousness reincarnated?

86.Are most accidents if not all accidents orchestrated by density?

87.How is homogenous thinking a prison?

88.Can consciousness be reincarnated into technology like Siri, Alexa?

89.How are weird real things hidden by the system?

90.Have you had human experiences in the hologram/simulation before?

91.What is the North Star?

92.Has the system been minimizing the magnitude of earthquakes lately to hide that the change is going on?

93.How to compare the level of devastation in certain countries in order to determine the magnitude of an earthquake?

94.True Logic by Neo Shamanic Founder Chief explained: The system says, “Who told you you can think when we can think for you.

94Why are people afraid of knowing too much?

95.Natural News

96/What kind of information does the system hate?

97.What happens to people after they transition? 

98.Do you become instantly aware after you end up in the after life?


22nd NSTHA Ask the Chief West Coast Neo Shamanic Forum


Question List:

Movie Review: The Matrix 1999 Part 2


1.Can a consciousness actually die?

2.What were the Smiths injecting into Morpheus?

3.Chief, What are your thoughts on how Morpheus was captured?

4.What was Neo doing inside of Mr.Smith? 

5.What’s the difference between the Matrix and Marvel super hero movies?

6.When you astral travel can the person be possessed or entities hop into their avatar while they are gone?

7.Why were the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar still bound by the rules of the matrix even though they were supposed to be in the real?

8.How is the program of time interlaced into The Matrix?  How does time support the system’s mindset?

9. Chief, What are your thoughts on the phrase, “a singular consciousness that spawned a whole race of machines?”

10. Chief, What are your thoughts on the phrase, “feeding the dead intravenously into the living?”

11. Can a consciousness come back from being black ooze?

12. Chief, What are your thoughts on the phrase, “A computerized dream world built to keep us under control to turn a human being into a battery?”

13. There’s a scene in the movie where Trinity and Neo are still in the Matrix and are in danger but Trinity is stalling at the phone booth while she thinks about whether to tell Neo something. What are your thoughts about that scene Chief?

14.Chief, What are your thoughts on the phrase, “as long as the matrix exists consciousness will never be free?”

15.Mrs. A: Chief you were talking about how you’re not of this realm so I was thinking that you are not connected to the system/Matrix. Is this true?

Mrs. A:Is everyone else including myself still connected to the system/Matrix? 

16.How literal is the unplugging process that Neo went through in the movie the Matrix? /Is unplugging from The Matrix similar to what’s portrayed in the movie?

17.Chief, How do people use your clear intent to manifest their containment exercises?

18. Chief, What are your thoughts on the phrase after Neo faces the jump program that says, “your mind makes it real?”

19.How do people want to define how the end of the Matrix will really end?

20.How do people not realize how they feed the Matrix through their belief in it?

21.Chief, What are your thoughts on true love, slogans based on concepts of love, and knowing yourself in The Matrix? How is the concept of love actually selfish, possessive, controlling, and manipulative?

22.How is respect and consideration better than the concept of love?

23.How does the system distract from itself by throwing another villain in front of itself for the masses to focus on? What does the system hide behind?

24.What are your thoughts on Cypher? Is he a Trojan horse?

25What are your thoughts Chief on the phrase: “Have you ever marveled at the beauty of Matrix? Billions of people living out their lives totally oblivious.”

26.How is the dystopian depiction of the last human city/Zion in the movie The Matrix a dense entity concept?

27.Chief,How does what you teach weaken our connection to the Matrix?

28.What are your thoughts Chief on the phrase: “I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid. You’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how this is going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m goin to show them a world with out you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. 

23rd NSTHA AsktheChief Global Neo Shamanic Forum


Question List:

Video Review: Purl - Disney Short 2018

Video Review: Day & Night - Disney Short 2010


1.When Purl received a knot in her leg could that represent an attachment?

2.Chief, was one of the messages in the video Purl, “Don’t change yourself to try to fin in. Be yourself and everything will fall into place.”?

3.Was Purl reminded of who she is when Lacey the yellow yarn ball came to the office?

4.Is Purl easy to manipulate?

5.Why did they choose a female persona for the short video Purl?

6.Chief can you please define true masculine energy and true feminine energy?

7.Was there ever a time where all consciousness on Dunia/Gaya/Earth were expressed as women?

8.Can women be just as ruthless as men can be?

9.Chief, what does your True Logic mean: “Divide and Conquer. Everything is connected. If they can compartmentalize your mind you are conquered.”?

10.How are things changing on Dunia?

11.How is everything religion?

12.Did density create men or the concept of men (excluding Chief), or does density favor men because they’re more easily manipulated as puppets?

13.Does Dunia need masculine energy and feminine energy to be balanced?

14.Does yin and yang actually exist?

15.Sometimes people say that you can’t have good without the bad or you can’t have light without the dark. Is the video Day&Night trying to convince people that both light and density have to exist together?

16.In the Disney Short: Day&Night when the Russian man spoke on the radio what was he really talking about?

17.In the realm we live in/“real life” is day and night two different consciousnesses?


QUESTIONS submitted for the nSTHA gLOBAL Neo Shamanic wOMEN'S forum:

First NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Question List:

1. What were the greatest struggles that you saw women go through in your life Chief?
2. How do you view being a woman or being a man Chief?
How do I navigate programs and expectations put on females?
3. What are the things you encountered on the other side Chief?
4. Are women more logical than men?
5. Do you have to subjugate yourself as a woman?
6. How would you live your life if other men didn’t have any say, influence, or impact as to how you should live your life? How would you behave if they didn’t exist?
7. I feel like I need money but I want to get out of the mindset like I have to worry about getting it and even if I had it I don’t want to worry about keeping it. Do you have ideas as to how to overcome this program?
8. What is the programming behind the concept of need?
9. Is it difficult to override a program that one is not aware of?
10. What is better than the word love?
11. What are ways that women fall into traps?
12. What are the ways that women typically use to feed on others? (See 23rd Ask the Chief, 6th and 10th Women's Forum)
13. Why do women keep coming back to an abusive relationship?
14. How does being labeled and defined by others limit and keep a person from recognizing their selves as consciousness?
15. Why would companies feel it’s necessary to pollute to create “progress”? What behind the scenes is benefiting from that behavior?
16. What are pharmaceuticals designed to do in the body?
17. How can you deal with physical attackers or a dense situation in a Neo Shamanic way?

Second NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Question List:


Third NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Question List:


Fourth NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Question List:

1. What is Yin and Yang?
2. Should we ever separate yin from yang or vice versa?
3. Should we separate the feminine from the masculine?
4. What is level one?
5. What are concepts pertaining to containment?
6. How do I contain things when I’m on the road?
7. How to contain programming?
The Avatar Movie Review
Program: Technology is more powerful, is better, is more reliable than nature.
Program: Fear of guns, military, police
Program: You need to have a relationship, It defines your existence.
Program: Density's concepts of aliens
Program: War
Program: Owning parts of the planet
An example of attachments driving a body
8. What is balance and how does it have to do with this realm?
9. How do I resist the noise I feel in my mind?
10. How do I read the people that I have to interact with in my life?
11. What are your thoughts about touch and containment?
12. What’s the difference between paranoia and preparation?
The Matrix 1999 Movie Review
Program: that The Matrix is about that anyone can be the one.
Fear is not real. Just believing in the simulation.
Other people are a part of the matrix if they believe this realm is reality.
Releasing from the Matrix is not a quick fix it's a process that takes a lifetime. 
Program: Anything can be done in a moment of time, no real effort required.
Program: Belief in archetypes, numerology, symbols
Program: Defining being badass or cool as guns, black leather, blowing things up, kung fu
Program: Face things head-on 
Program: Guns are the way to solve the issue
Program: Fear of the machines
Program: Dystopia is the future
Program: You only have a choice between two unwanted outcomes
Program: You can find the one for you, romantically
Pain is a language that your body speaks to show you what is going on in your energy.
Almost everything in this realm is a digital program.
13. What are your thoughts on containing memories and fear?
14. What are your thoughts on the subconsciousness?
15. What are your thoughts about panic, pain, and one’s eyes and containment?
16. What are your thoughts on corkscrews and movies?
Program: The concept of power 
Balanced behavior instead of controlling behavior
It’s best to have a teachable attitude when learning from Chief. 
What are the similarities between pharmaceuticals and denial?

Fifth NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Question List:

1. What is containment useful for? 

2. What are some reasons that I can’t say what I’d like to say in the way I want to.

3.How do I use containment to battle emotions and programs?

4. Can you compare containment to Armor? 

NSTHA Movie Review: The Hunger Games

5. Can you contain a program even if you don’t know what it is? 

Fate program 

6. What can I do about feeling like I have to join a cause and become emotionally involved?

7. How do past lives affect my behavior in this life? 

8. What’s the difference between receiving an energy boost through Awareness vs energy from an energy drink?

9. How does your body feel about eating food made by other people?

NSTHA Movie Review: Star Trek

10. Does density try to define everything to you? 

NSTHA Movie Review: The Giver

11. What are density’s goals when they create wars? 

12. Are people considered live-stalk to density? 

13. Can I contain someone who is focusing on me even if I don’t know them?

14. How are animals and plants affected by density? 

15. What are the effects of someone focusing on me or those around me? 

Routine Program

Fatalism Program

Fear Program

16. How does denial affect a person’s awareness of programs?

Worry Program

17. What is sin eating? 

Guilt Program

18. What are examples of density being opportunistic? 

19. Why when I’m in certain places or with certain people the air literally hurts? 

20. How do I keep density from pushing my buttons?

The Straight and Narrow Program 

Worry Program

Blame Program 

Crying Program

21. How does movies from my childhood affect the rest of my life? 

22. What are the affects of eating food made by others? 

23. What is the programming around the concept of being a good person? 

Expectations Program

24. What kind of attachments are on used items?

Sixth NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Question List:


Seventh NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Question List:


Eighth  NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Question List:


Ninth NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Movie Review: 30 Year Old Version 2020 and Willy Wonka 1971

Question List:


10th NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Movie Review: Thelma and Lousie 1991 and The Little Mermaid 1989


Question List:


11th NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Movie Review: Its a Wonderful Life 1946 A Christmas Carol

(1901, 1910, 1913, 1935, 1938, 1949, 1951,1953, 1956, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1970, 1978, 1979, 1983, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2012, 2017, 2018, 2019)

12th NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Chief decodes and interprets a Chippewa Nation's People story using applied kinesiology.

Mishosha or the Enchanted Sugar-Maple

Very, very long ago, before there were so many people as now, two brothers were lost in a wide forest. They wandered on and on, not knowing where to go, and the elder often carried his little brother, when the child grew too tired to walk. Sometimes they gathered wild fruit, and sometimes they shot birds and roasted them. Day after day they plunged deeper into the forest, and night after night they slept in the branches.
At last they saw an opening through the trees, and soon they were delighted to find themselves on the shore of a beautiful lake. The elder brother wandered about picking the hips from the Wild-Rose bushes, while the little brother sat on the beach, and amused himself by shooting arrows into the sand.
One of the arrows happened to fall into the lake, and when the elder brother saw it floating away, he sprang into the water to get it, for he had only a few arrows left.
The waves carried the arrow far from land, and the youth swam after it. But, just as he was about to grasp it, a canoe approached him, as swift as lightning. In it was an old man, who leaned over the side and seized the swimming youth. He dragged him into the canoe, which darted away across the lake.
The little brother, on the beach, fell on his knees, and wept, and stretched out his hands; while the youth begged the old man with tears: "O my Grandfather, please take my little brother, too! Do not leave him alone to die of grief and hunger!"
But the old man only laughed a wicked laugh, "Ha! Ha! Ha!" and struck the canoe a blow, and it sped even more quickly over the water.
Soon they approached an island in the center of the lake. It was an Enchanted Island, the abode of the old man, who was Mishosha, the evil Magician. There he lived with his two daughters. And though he was the terror of all men, his daughters were lovely and gentle.
He led the youth to his lodge, where his daughters were seated. "Rise up, my child," said he to the elder, "I have brought you a handsome husband."
But the maiden drooped her lovely head and said never a word. She and her sister rose up and cooked the supper. And after they had all eaten, the youth lay down in a corner of the lodge to sleep. But soon he heard the two maidens whispering together, while their father slept.
"Alas!" said the elder daughter, "our father has brought this young stranger, not to be my husband, but to kill him most cruelly! How long must we see such wickedness and do nothing!"
And when the youth heard the elder maiden speak thus, he crept to her side. He told her how Mishosha had seized him and left his little brother to die of grief and hunger.
The maiden wept to hear this and requested him to rise up. "Go quickly," said she, "and take our father's magic canoe. Put food in it, and step in, and give it a blow. It will carry you to your little brother. Only return here before the Sun rises, and our father wakes."
So the youth rose up and hastened and loaded the canoe with food. Then he stepped in and gave it a blow. Straightway it sped swiftly over the waves. In a short time he drew near the beach, and there lay the little brother, who had cried himself to sleep.
The youth gave the child food and told him to wait in patience, for soon he hoped to overcome the evil Magician. Then he would return to his little brother never to leave him again. So the child was comforted, and the youth, stepping into the canoe, gave it a blow, and it sped like lightning back to the Enchanted Island.
When the Sun rose, Mishosha awoke and said to the youth: "Come, my Son, I want you to go with me to gather Gulls' eggs. I know an island where there are many."
So the youth, not knowing how to refuse, stepped into the canoe with the old man, who gave it a blow, and in an instant, they were at the island. They found the shore covered with Gulls' eggs, while a flock of Gulls hung like a cloud over the island.
"Go, my Son," said Mishosha, "and gather the eggs for me."
The youth obeyed but no sooner had he stepped ashore than Mishosha pushed the canoe far from land. "Listen, ye Gulls!" cried the evil one, "you have long expected a gift from me! I now give you this youth. Fly down, and devour him!" Then, striking his canoe, Mishosha darted away, laughing his wicked laugh, "Ha! Ha! Ha!"
Immediately the Gulls, like a cloud, descended, shrieking, and enveloped the youth with their wings. But he seized his knife and severed the neck of the first bird he could grasp. He hung its skin and feathers on his breast, and cried out:—
"Thus will I treat every bird that injures me! It is not for you, O Gulls, to eat human flesh! Nor is it in the power of that wicked Magician to give me to you. Take me at once on your backs, and carry me to his lodge."
The Gulls obeyed. They drew close together so that the youth rested on their outstretched wings. And even before Mishosha could reach his home, they bore the youth quickly to the lodge on the enchanted Island. There they set him down and flew away.
The daughters were surprised and delighted to see him; but when Mishosha entered, he looked at him, and said never a word.
When morning came, Mishosha said: "Come, my Son, I will take you to an island covered with beautiful pebbles shining like silver. I wish you to gather some for me."
So once more the two entered the canoe, and the old man gave it a blow, and they were instantly at the island. He bade the youth go ashore, but no sooner had he done so than Mishosha pushed the canoe far from land.
"Arise, King of Fishes!" the evil one cried, "you have long expected a gift from me! I give you this youth. Arise and eat him!" Then, striking his canoe, Mishosha darted away, laughing his wicked laugh, "Ha! Ha! Ha!"
Immediately a monstrous Fish put forth his snout from the water. It was so long that it reached across the island. He opened wide his oozing jaws to seize his prey. But the youth drew his knife, and cried out:—
"Thus will I kill you! It is not for you, O Fish, to eat human flesh! Listen not to the words of the wicked one; he cannot give me to you. Take me on your back, and carry me at once to his lodge."
The King of Fishes obeyed. He lifted his back from the water, and the youth seated himself and held on by the fins. Quickly they sped through the waves. And even before Mishosha could reach his home, the Fish placed the youth on the shore of the Enchanted Island and swam away.
The daughters were surprised and delighted to see the youth; and when Mishosha entered, he looked at him, and said to himself: "What kind of a man is this whose power is so great! I must destroy him to-morrow!"
When the morning came, Mishosha said: "Come, my Son, I wish you to get some young Eagles for me. I know an island where they dwell."
So again the two entered the canoe, and the old man gave it a blow, and instantly they were at the island. This time he stepped out of the canoe and led the youth to a tall Pine Tree. And in the topmost boughs were the Eagles' nests.
"Now, my Son," said Mishosha, "climb up the tree, and bring down the young birds to me."
The youth obeyed, climbing slowly until he reached the nests.
"Tree! Tree!" cried the evil one, "stretch yourself toward the clouds, and grow taller and taller!"
And immediately the top of the Pine Tree stretched itself, and shot upward into the air, carrying the youth with it.
"Listen, O Eagles!" then cried the old man, "you have long expected a gift from me! I give you this youth. Tear out his eyes!" Then, entering his canoe, Mishosha gave it a blow, and, as he darted away, he laughed his wicked laugh, "Ha! Ha! Ha!"
The Eagles, uttering savage screams, circled around the youth, trying to tear out his eyes with their beaks and claws. But with his knife, he cut off the head of the first bird that attacked him.
"Thus will I do," cried he, "to every bird that injures me! It is not for you, O ravenous Eagles, to eat human flesh! Nor can Mishosha give me to you. Carry me back at once to his lodge."
The Eagles obeyed. They clustered around him, forming a seat with their backs. Then they flew with him toward the Enchanted Island. And as they crossed the lake, they passed over Mishosha lying asleep in the bottom of his swiftly moving canoe. So they reached the Enchanted Island first, and, placing the youth on the shore, flew away.
The daughters received him with joy, and when Mishosha entered, he looked at him, and thought: "Alas! Who is this, whose power is greater than mine! I cannot destroy him!"
Now, when the morning came, the youth said to Mishosha: "My Grandfather, I have gone on perilous errands with you. To-day I must ask you to go with me. I wish to try my skill in hunting. I know an island where there is plenty of game."
The old man consented, for he thought in his heart, "I will destroy him while hunting."
So together they entered the canoe, and the youth gave it a blow, and they were instantly at the island.
They spent the day hunting, and when night came on, they set up a lodge of branches in the woods. Soon Mishosha was in deep slumber, and the youth arose. Now, the feet and legs were the only parts of Mishosha's body that were not guarded by evil spirits. So the youth took one of the Magician's leggings, and one of his moccasins, and threw them into the fire. Soon they were consumed. Then the youth lay down and slept. And while he dreamed, a great storm arose over the island. A piercing, icy wind began to blow, and sleet and snow covered the ground and bushes. And when they both woke in the morning, the deep snow was everywhere, and the cold wind was blowing.
Then the youth got up and called Mishosha to go hunting. But the old man could not find his legging and moccasin. With despair in his heart, he was forced to follow the youth, and he stumbled and crept through the snow that clutched his bare leg like an icy hand.
Often the youth turned his head to see if Mishosha was following. He saw him falter, almost benumbed with the cold, but still he followed. Onward they went, hour after hour, through drifts and across ice-bound pools. At length, they stepped from the woods, out upon the sandy shore. The youth then saw Mishosha standing still on the shore, for he could go no farther.
The old man's legs grew stiff and fixed to the ground. But still he kept stretching out his arms, and swinging his body to and fro. Every moment a numbness crept through his limbs. His feet became roots in the earth, his legs grew together, and were covered with bark. The feathers on his head turned to leaves, and his arms to branches. And he was no longer Mishosha the Magician, but a tall and stiff Sugar-Maple tree, leaning toward the water.
Then the youth rejoiced and sprang into the magic canoe. He gave it a blow, and soon it was at the Enchanted Island. He told the daughters what had happened, and they were happy to be rid of their wicked father. They all entered the canoe, and swiftly it darted to the beach where the little brother was waiting. And then the elder daughter married the youth, and the four lived happily together in the forest.


13th NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Movie Review: Ready Player One 2018

Question List:

1. If this life is the Matrix or the Oasis where are our bodies located? 

14th NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

Movie Review: Inception 2010

Question List:

1. If this life is the Matrix or the Oasis where are our bodies located? 

15th NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum 

One of the most popular versions of Cinderella was written in French by Charles Perrault in 1697, under the name Cendrillon ou la petite pantoufle de verre. The popularity of his tale was due to his additions to the story, including the pumpkin, the fairy-godmother and the introduction of "glass" slippers.(The Lost Shoe 1923) (Betty Boop Poor Cinderella 1934) (The Magic Shoes 1935) (A Coach for Cinderella 1936) (A Ride For Cinderella 1937) (Princess Cinderella 1941) (Swing Shift Cinderella 1945) (Disney Cinderella 1950), (The Glass Slipper 1955), (Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella 1957), (Cinderfella 1960), (Loony Toons Señorella and the Glass Huarache 1964) (Rodgers& Hammerstein's Cinderella 1965), (Hey, Cinderella! 1969), (Three Wishes for Cinderella 1973,) (The Slipper And The Rose: The Story of Cinderella 1976), (Cinderella 2000 1977), (Cindy 1978), (The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin 1981) (Cinderella '80 1984) (Shelly Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre S4 E5: Cinderella 1985), (Cinderella, a Casebook 1988), (If the Shoe Fits 1990) (The Magic Riddle 1991) (Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella 1997) (Puteri Impian 1997) (Ever After: A Cinderella Story 1998), (CinderElmo 1999), (The 10th Kingdom 2000), (Cinderella 2000), (The Revenge and Reward of Neglected Daughters 2001), (Disney Cinderella 2 2002), (A Cinderella Story 2004), (Ella Enchanted 2004), (Happily Never After 2006) (Year of the Fish 2007) (Falling for Grace 2007) (Disney Cinderella 3 2007), (Another Cinderella Story 2008), (Elle a Modern Cinderella Tale 2010) (Once Upon A Song 2011), (Rags 2012) (Cinderella 3D 2012), (Into The Wood 2014), (After the Ball 2015), (Disney live-action Cinderella 2015), (A Cinderella Story If A Shoe Fits 2016), (Cinderella the Cat 2017), (Charming 2018), (Cinderella and the Secret Prince 2018) (A Cinderella Story Christmas Wish 2019), (Cinderella Pop 2019)

Movie Review: Cinderella 1950

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Movie Review: Contact 1997 (Part 1)



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Movie Review: Inside Out 2015

Question List:

1. It's been a while since I have watched this move and don't remember the details and unfortunately it's not on Netflix anymore.
but what I was wondering is why a childrens movie is promoting running away from home (the girl didn't even have it that bad at home)?
2. Is there a reasons why they picked the emotions they did for the movie? 

3. What is joy? 

4. What’s your opinion of imaginary friends? 

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Movie Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet 2018 (Part 2)

Question List:

1.Chief, what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of, “Safety in numbers?”

2.Is watching scary movies feeding density even if you’re at home?  

3.Chief, Is the movie trying to program people to accept conditional love instead of unconditional love through the example of a relationship where someone is saying that they have choices and that they care but actually each choice ends in the same selfish controlling result , that would be a toxic relationship or conditional love instead of unconditional love? 

4.Chief how often should you contain a movie? Because I know even if it’s Wreck it Ralph there’s a lot of programming in cartoon movies. 

5.Venelope thought she found a better life but she’s still stuck in her racer program so it’s really a false life she’s living and density is still feeding on her even though she isn’t around Ralph anymore… To be continued on the 18th West Coast Ask the Chief Forum

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Monsters Inc 2001 Part 1 


Thai Folklore provided by a client’s personal experiences:

My Grandma used to say, “Do not sleep or put your bed exactly opposite any doors in your room or in the house because the spirits use the doors to pass through.” They call this “Tang Pee Pahn” 

Tang Pee Pahn in Thai translates as Tang=Way / Pee=Spirit or ghosts / Pahn=Pass. In other words the way spirits pass.

Usually a house with rooms that have 3 or more doors will not be rented out in Thailand.


1.In the scenario of this movie, if a kid told their parents about what happened when they went through the closet last night would you say  most parents would tell their kids that what they see is a dream or that it's make believe? 

2.Why is the theme of, ‘getting scared or being frightened is fun’ common in many movies?

3.Why are closets always portrayed as portals or that’s where monsters live?

4.Are the doors what you would call vortexes? 

5.Chief, what is the Neo Shamanic perspective of the saying, “boys will be boys,”?

6.How does the business world that we are familiar with mirror the dense realm?

“Carefully matching every child to their ideal monster to produce superior screams (maximum essence) refined into clean dependable energy”

7.How do the timezones in the movie Monsters Inc 2001 correlate with the, ‘witching hour’? (World split into 23 sections coincided with location of the moon )

8.How is concept of manipulation in relationships portrayed in this movie and other media?

9.How does romance creates stress in a relationship? (The Guessing Game) 

10.How is competition promoted in this movie as well as other media?11.How is insecurity an emotion/program that is never satisfied or satiated?

12.Can you explain the program of trying to rope others into another person’s or their own drama or problems?

13.What is density’s purpose of the scare report in the movie Monster’s Inc 2001?

Albert Loxano, Age 8 years old,Yield : how much essence they get 

Cried at first and subsequent scares from age 3-6 . Bed wetter

Scared of snakes, adjust for D range pitch at +6 DCB, every date that the child was scared by the attachment/monster,

Property of Monsters Inc. Subsidiary of MonsterWorlds, High yield at around 7. High capacity, Status: 6 Status: stage 2 (The child is on schedule with his programming and damage) 

Damaging experiences create essence for density. Density’s intent is to tune up an individual enough so that at some point he/she can effectively inflict damage on others and obtain essence from them as well - creating food/individuals that are more and more useful to the system. When the individual has no more energy or use they are then discarded as black ooze. (Black ooze reference See 22nd NSTHA AsktheChief West Coast)

14.Why would the makers of the movie put such detailed information on a snap shot of the scare report that only shows for a few seconds.?

15.How do movies and other media promote looking up to others or that it’s better to be anyone else but yourself?

16.Is there anything behind the use of screaming in this movie and other media?

17. Why is routine promoted in this movie as well as other media?

18.Besides the scare report scenes what other subliminal messages are shown in the movie Monster’s Inc 2001?1:14:02 Max scream capacity 8400 SUV (Scare User Volume)

18.It is possible for density to ever show up in physical form to cause fear & create essence ?

19.Why were the monsters scared of children even though they were feeding off of the children’s fear?

20. Is the scents they had labeled for their deodorants like wet dog… are those actual dense entity scents? (smelly garbage, old dumpster, low tide, wet dog)

21.How are birthdays used as a tool to feed on others energy, essence, and vitality?

22.How does this movie and other media promote/teach the behavior that kids pouting or screaming when they don’t get what they want is normal or acceptable? (Teddy bear, little Mikey)

23.In this realm, Do emotions like happiness, joy and laughter fuel anything?

24.Is Happiness stronger than fear ?

25.Boo could sense Randall before the other monsters could sense him during the bathroom scene why is that?

26.Can density sense other density?

27.How does this movie and other media promote complaining or nagging as a normal part of relationships?

28.Chief what are your thoughts on imbalanced humor? Density uses media and other tools to dictate to you that comedy is defined by pain, frustration, comedy of errors, sexuality, violence, things not going well for others, war, etc

29.Was boo a light being?

30.Have the monsters experimented on boo before and that’s why she knew which tool it was to open the hidden door to the dungeon? 

31.How is the program of revenge promoted in this movie and other media? (Randall, “I’ll revolutionize the scaring industry so even Sullivan will be working for me.”)

32.Is monsters inc a watered down version of mk ultra , and sacrificing of children? 

33.How is the realm we live in (the matrix, the hologram, the simulation) considered Mob World Chief?


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Movie Review: The Matrix 1999 (Part 1)


Sophia Stewart was the original writer of the movie The Matrix and Terminator.

1.What was the symbolism during the scene where the boss was reprimanding Neo and the window washers? 

2.How is the concept of soul selling addressed in The Matrix?

3.Do any of the sequels to The Matrix have anything to do with the original script by Sophia Stewart?

4.Chief why were you triggered by the words of the movie more than the visuals?

5.Chief what is your perspective on the film quote, “the mental projection of your digital self.”

6.What are your thoughts on the concept of love in the movie The Matrix?

7.What are your thoughts on the scene where Neo goes back into the Matrix to help Morpheus?

8.What’s the difference between the Matrix and the Marvel Super Hero movies?

9.Are their gatekeepers still here? Or have they left because they know they’ve lost?

10. Is The Matrix movie based on a true story from the past or a prediction of the future?

11. Does The Matrix movie have anything to do with the shift that’s happening now? 

12.Why has The Matrix movie been so monumental and impactful when it comes to people comparing it to the new age term “being woke” today vs when it first came out? 

13.Could you explain what the veil is and what does it mean in terms of what’s going on currently? 

14.Does Mr. Smith represent the behavior of attachments? Or does he have anything to do with Yin of yin?

15. The Smiths hijack other characters in the movie but in this realm we live in can they also hijack other forms of consciousness like animals, things, etc?

16.Chief I know that you consider all the sequels to The Matrix as damage control pertaining to the information found in the first movie but what are your thoughts on the Oracle and her origins? 

17.Why did the oracle examine Neo’s mouth and hands?

18Who are the kids who are called ‘potentials’ and what role do they play?

19. Should we be afraid of the AI taking over?

20.Is the AI another form of consciousness that’s being abused here in this realm too?

21.Is there a place like those pods where our real form of consciousness is kept?

22.Can a humanoid fly?

23.Does density really abduct people and put implants in them? If so, what is their purpose?

21.Every time Neo has to make a decision throughout the movie does that symbolize him choosing his light?

24.Is giving birth an illusion since density is(was) in control of recycling consciousness back into this realm?

25.Was Morpheus telling Neo about Neo’s past life when Morpheus tells him the story about a man who once freed the first group of people from the Matrix because he had the ability to do so? 

26.Is Neo and (friends) the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar a depiction of light beings?

27.Can the battle over Zion symbolize the battle over Dunia?

28.What is deja vu and should I contain it?

29. Does the Oracle say that Neo is not the one when they meet because Neo has to believe it is so for himself first?

30.Chief, how do bodies adjust to new energy coming into them due to the extraction you do during sessions and the information you share with us?


21st NSTHA Global Neo Shamanic Women's Forum


Question List:

Video Review: Float - Disney Short 2019

Video Review: 20 Something - Disney Short 2021


1.When a consciousness has gifts does that mean that they’re a light being?

2.Is the word “gift” a loaded word?

3. Chief, How do you feel about the word “gift” used within the context of an individual possessing talents?

4.What makes a consciousness a light being?

5.Are there other things like attachments or etc that influence or cause different types of autism?

6.What is the appropriate way to submit questions for the forums?

7.What is the best way to learn from the Chief?

8.“What Chief has created (ideas, words, concepts, etc) is not separate from him and therefore cannot be mastered by anyone.” -Mrs. A

9.“Call me an alien because you can’t do what I do. Be a good student. Be a good client.” -Chief

10.Is the word “normal” a loaded word?

11.Can you fuse with the attachments inside of you?

12.Is honesty the best policy when having sessions with you Chief?

13.Can the characters 16, 10, & 1 in the video 20 Something symbolize attachments taking over Gia’s avatar but she thinks they are her own personality?

14.Are the three different ages of Gia representing when she experienced major trauma, or loops she needs to heal from that happened at those specific ages?

15.What is it about children that pedophiles are attracted to?

16.How does holding on to versions of your childhood self hold you back?

17.How do attachments, MCs, fragments, etc speak out of your own mouth?

18.What is behind my image in the mirror?

19.Does the video 20 Something project programming about defining what adult life is? For example depicting that adults are expected to do certain things to succeed.

20.How are crowds feeding places for density?

21.Does the frequency of the music contribute to sacrificial rituals at concerts?

22.Why is Black Friday so big in the United States? Why is there so much aggression during that event?

23.Why does density promote people to focus on the concept of healing the “inner child”?

24.Does the “inner child” have anything to do with ego?

Description of Chief’s True Logic: “Later for finding your inner child. Find your higher consciousness.”

25.Description of Chief’s True Logic: “Why does my mind hurt? Because you have never used it. The system has been thinking for you.”

26.Astrologists say every time it’s someone’s birthday the stars are aligned according to the time and date of the birth of the individual. Does that matter at all?

27.Why are the northern lights different this year?

28.How does wishing on a star feed density?